Roasted plain khakhra

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Khakhra is a thin cracker commonly eaten in Western India. They can be served during mealtimes, such as breakfast, brunch, or tea time.

Roasted plain khakhra is one of the best snacks. This whole wheat cracker is made by flattening the dough into thin circular discs. We then roast them to perfection so that they are crispy and crunchy. They happen to be a healthy snack alternative as they have tons of protein and nutrients to boost your immunity. We sell only khakhra, which is high in fibre.

We offer the best plain khakhra, so buy if you wish to buy roasted khakhra online. You can use our roasted plain khakhra as a nachos or sev puris base. We ensure that we roast our khakhra at the optimal temperature, so it remains crispy.

The roasted khakhra calories are nearly negligible, and they serve as wholesome wheat crisps. Buy these to savour the goodness of wheat in perfectly roasted crisps. You can be assured that we have not used any preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours. All our packages are vacuum packed. We recommend eating it with pickles or yoghurt.


•    Wheat Flour
•    Edible Oil
•    Iodized Salt

Wheat Flour, Edible oil,Iodized salt.

Pack of 2 

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