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Chundo a sweet and sour mango pickle cannot be missed by any Gujarati. This is a delectable combination of grated raw mangoes, sugar, and red chillI powder making it a sweet-spicy delight! process of it is very interesting as it is sun cooked for several days to give it the melting softness and transparent sugar syrup it is the must buy pickle of all time.

Satisfy Your Taste Bud with Our Authentic Mango Chundo Pickle


Primsstore offers tasty sweet and sour mango chundo pickle, which is most likeable among the Gujaratis. This pickle is made up of sun-baked raw mangoes after blending an appropriate mixture of sugar and red chilli powder with the mangoes. The taste is irresistible, especially while having desi Indian food.


Our mango chundo pickle proves to be the best variation when bland food is served. It comes in a pack of 200 grams and goes well if combined with rice, dal and curry or even with chapatti and curry. There is absolutely no denial in the fact that the sweet and sour taste of our aam chundo pickle just cannot be ignored.


Of course, the smell itself is attractive and makes the eaters' mouths go watery, which is why our aam chundo pickle stands paramount above and over all the other types of pickle. It is a Gujarati mango chundo with a soft texture and transparent sugar syrup mixed with the pickle to make it readily edible without any wait.


It is very well cooked under the sun and meets the needs of the taste of the people. Hence our mango chundo pickle, being prepared in the Gujarati style, suits quite well to serve the day to day needs of the consumers. The attractive pack of aam chundo pickle catches the vision of the potential consumers quite quickly, thereby making the mango chundo pickle even more saleable.   

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