Lemon Salt Pickle (220 GM)

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Gol Nemu

An exotic fruits of Assam . Gol Nemu is the unique variety in taste and rich aroma can be called the ” Queen of All Citrus Fruits” .

Gol Nemu is medium in size with 3 cm in it’s roundness . The color of Gol Nemu is basically green but when it ripes it becomes yellow . Gol Nemu is an Assamese varient geographically and spready it’s aroma in districts like Morigaon , Nagaon , Tezpur etc .

Gol Nemu used in their green state for juicing and flavoring savory dishes .

Nutritional Value :

Gol Nemu limes are an excellent source of vitamin C and also contains some iron , fiber , copper and calcium .

The Process of Making Lemon Salt

The Gol Nemus are collected from the nearly villages as always they are preserved in Salt water . But they become useful after the completion of a year . A process of lengthy examination has taken place from the time of preservation to the actual process of packing .

Why would you CHOOSE Lemon Salt

The excessive appetite for hotel foods and no eating decorum demolished our immune system to the core . There is a conventional belief that preserved Gol Nemu has the power of uplifting our immune system . Therefore we should make it a habit of eating a piece of Lemon Salt in our Daily meal .

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian
Ingredients : Gol Nemu and Salt

Certification : ISO , FSSAI

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