Bamboo King Pickle (220 GM)

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Bamboo is an evergreen plant . The edible inner part of the bamboo plant are called the bamboo Shoot . Bamboo Shoot is commonly known as the ” King of Forest Vegetables ” . The Bamboo Shoot are a conical structure, a yellow cream color that is very tender and faintly sweet . They might have a slight bitter taste but are good to eat once boiled . They lend a crunchy texture with a mild flavor to the dish . It is a traditional ingredient used in most northeastern and some south Indian dishes .

Health Benefits:

It is low in fat and low in calories .
It is a good source of fiber which helps keep a check on cholesterol and chronic constipation .
Being a good source of potassium. It can aid in maintaining normal blood pressure and steady heart beat .

The Process of Making Bamboo King

Bamboo King Pickle is prepared in a hygiene environment with traditional setting with empowered hands of women . After cleaning the Bhut Jolokia and Bamboo Shoot collected from the farmers are dried in warm condition. Another process of drying up happens to suit the hygiene prospectly . Good oil and spices are used in the process . A considerable examination has been taken place in the journey from preservation to packing .

Why would you choose Bamboo King

The amalgamation of the crispness of Bhut Jolokia and the exotic flavor of Bamboo Shoot will relish your appetite with a extreme feeling .

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian
Ingredients : Bhut Jolokia , Bamboo Shoot, Mustard Oil , Various Spices , Jeera Powder , Vinegar, Salt , CLASS II preservatives

Certification : ISO , FSSAI

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