Assamese Bakhoruwa Moni Set (Pure Silver)

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  • Bakhoruwa Moni: Pearl Shaped Beads
  • Pure Silver

Get the traditional Assamese Glamour with Our Assamese Bakhoruwa Moni Set Made with Pure Silver.


Jewellery is believed to be a woman's best friend. Primsstore offers pure silver Assamese Bakhoruwa Moni Set for all the lovely ladies in the realm of this closeness. The presence of this set on any woman adds glamour to the gathering.


The company of Bakhoruwa Moni, which are pearl-shaped beads, represents the entire set's royal attribute. This set comprises a beautiful neckpiece and a pair of fabulous earrings. The Bakhoruwa Moni or the pearl-shaped beads look gorgeous in their shape and texture, and this is the reason as to why the entire set glams up the outfit and look that a woman carries while wearing this set.



Primsstore offers this set in its original authentic style by keeping up the Assamese style in alignment with the construction of the entire collection. This Assamese Bakhoruwa set is made of pure silver, and the same looks intensely stunning and attractive. The presence of silver in the Assamese Bakhoruwa set being offered by Primsstore serves as one of the primary reasons why the set is worth buying.


It adds glamour to the look and gives a bright look to the attire of the women wearing this set. Thus, it cannot be denied that the entire Assamese Bakhoruwa Moni Set made with pure silver is actually like the best friend that every woman wants. The mixture of traditional and modern design in the set makes it an all-time wearable thing, with its style being contemporary.


The collection goes well with almost every type of outfit. It is why our Assamese Bakhoruwa Moni Set is the best and is readily available at our online store at a very justified range.   

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