Assam Spicy Black Pepper Tea

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Black Pepper Tea Is Beneficial For Weight Loss

Black pepper increases the metabolic rate of the body which further helps in shedding those extra kilos

Also, black pepper is packed with the goodness of minerals and antioxidants which are great for your overall health. 

Black pepper tea is a herbal concoction that has numerous health benefits. First, let's share with you an easy recipe for healthy tea, and then we will take you through its amazing health benefits.


Health Benefits Of Drinking Black Pepper Tea :

1)Boosts Immunity

2)Prevents Cold, Cough

3)Improves Mood

4)Detoxifies Body

5) Flights Cancer

6)Good for Digestion


Assam  Tea offers a refreshing soothing aroma when consumed hot but can also be had cold. Traditionally it is considered a morning tea but it is also a great afternoon tea. The caffeine in Assam Tea can help power you through a sluggish afternoon and re-energize your mind. This tea has substantial body with a strong, malty flavor accompanied by an enticing aroma.

Assam Tea is the finest teas from the fertile valley of the Brahmaputra. Each tea leaf is handpicked with extreme care to provide you with the finest teas from Assam. It has a good color and flavor to satisfy your taste buds.


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