The Man behind the Magic , Meet the Founder

What started as a passion for art developed  into an entrepreneurial skill that would transform the landscape of homegrown, sustainable and handmade array of products, sourced from across the country. 

Meet our founder, Priyansu Borgohain whose love for regional and traditional stuff inspired him to start his own enterprise that would cater to famous products from different states under one roof itself. 

From the tea garden clad state of Assam, the royal aura of Rajasthan to the valleys of Kashmir; Priyansu ensures that every state and its distinct aura is given the right representation. He believes that our rich Indian heritage spanning thousands of years deserves to be showcased in every household. 

And with a new generation of Indians preferring a blend of traditional with modern, Priyansu aims to provide all the famous arts and produce from the country under one roof itself. 

'Vocal for local' has been his guiding mantra, putting in all the efforts to source skincare that has been made locally, produce made from essential oil, organic herbs and spices from North East India as well as the rest of the country. 

Sustainable, self sufficient & stylish this is what Priyansu envisions his brand to be, where you feel proud of India and the culture that it has to offer.