Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Masala Box Set

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Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Masala Box Set

Kitchen Essential :

This stunning Spice Box set  adds a flavour of uniqueness to your kitchen. This box is a piece of art which is hand painted by the artisans of vibrant Rajasthan.

This floral printed spice bix comes in 3 vibrant colors of Rajasthan (Green, Yellow & Blue). It has 7 Masala racks , eavh with an airtight lid .

 The boxes comes in 2 size varients -8 & 10 inches

Origin: rajasthan India

Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Masala Box Set

 There is not one person who is not enamoured by flowers. They are the universal symbols of beauty and inspiration for multiple styles of artwork. They are also symbols of comfort, love and affection. 


 Flowers heavily inspire multiple famous artists, and such beauty is reflected in their paintings. We may not be able to go back to the royal era of Rajasthan, but we can bring a piece of the past to your present with this stunning Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Spice Box Set. Your kitchen aesthetic is going to look elevated with this unique Hand Painted Spice Box Set. It is a beautiful blending of the modern with our historical culture.

 Buy the Best Hand Painted Stainless Steel Spice Containers

Our gorgeous Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Spice Box Set will add a hint of spice to your kitchen. It is a genuine work of art that is hand-painted by the artisans of Rajasthan. This vibrant masala box set can be used for storing:

  • Spices 
  • Mukhwaas 
  • Dry Fruits etc. 

 This masala box set is perfect for daily use. It is an excellent storage utensil that has a bright and clean aesthetic. It is also hygienic and contains non-reactive properties. The longevity of the box will enable you to pass it on from generation to generation. 

Specifications of the Floral Hand Painted Stainless Steel Spice Box Set

Our floral printed spice box is available in 3 vibrant colours that reflect the spirit of Rajasthan:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue

 It also includes: 

  • Seven masala boxes or compartments for segregating condiments.
  • Airtight lid to ensure the protection of the food.
  • Two variants in size (8 and 10 inches).  
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel.  
  • Rust-proof, which prevents decay or damage.  

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