Peacock Greeny Fantasy - Handmade Decorative Hanging Ornaments Lace Dream Catcher

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Handmade Decorative Hanging Ornaments Lace Dream Catcher 

Simple traditional style weave dream catcher with feathery tail. The flowers are given separately to avoid damage during shipping. It can we easily attached with glue included in the package.

· Width - 9.5”
· Height - 18”

What is a Dream Catcher? 

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Dream Catcher was borne of the Ojibwe people, a group of natives of North America. They would hang dream catchers over their beds as a charm to protect people while they were sleeping. It is used to either protect one from nightmares or for someone who is starting a new journey. It is a map that keeps them in check. It is similar to the Torans we use in India. 


What is the significance of the Peacock?


Peacocks are sacred and symbolic of re-growth, rejuvenation, respect, royalty, honour and integrity. They also symbolise beauty, love and passion. It would help if you considered our peacock dream catcher with lights online as the peacock symbol carries omens of guidance, holiness, protection and watchfulness. 


This Peacock Greeny Fantasy - Handmade Decorative Hanging Ornaments Lace Dream Catcher is completely handmade with willow hoops and decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads. These are considered to be symbols of unity. You can easily buy a dream catcher online India with us to help call in abundance and positive energies to your home. 


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We offer a wide range of beautiful dream catchers that will brighten up your room and save you from nightmares. If you are looking to buy a big dream catcher online, you are in the right place. Our big dream catcher online india comes in the width of 9.5” and height of 10.” We also offer minor dream catchers online.


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We are an Indian based company offering sustainable and eco-friendly handmade products. By buying our products, you ensure you protect the environment as our items are all toxin-free and perfect for home décor or gifting. Each piece is ethically designed and handmade, where we add lots of love while making them. 


Note :Shipping cost for delivery across India is inclusive in all products .