King Chilli Pickle (220 GM)

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Bhut Jolokia is regarded as the King of chilies . Bhut Jolokia is more big and harsh in size and taste respectively than other chilies found in other geographical locations . The dimensions of Bhut Jolokia encompasses 6cm in height and 3cm in the roundness . The cultivation of Bhut Jolokia spreads across the north Eastern States of Assam , Nagaland , Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh .

From age’s , Bhut Jolokia has been the source of pride and taste for the people of North East . With the existence of CAPSAICIN in Bhut Jolokia, there is an emergency of thrill in all over the body . In New Mexico , the technique of HPC has declared the harshness of Bhut Jolokia as 1001304 SHU .

Bhut Jolokia has fragments of many Big Jolokia , Fufula Jolokia, King Chilli , Naga Chilli etc . With the difference of geographical and environmental conditions Bhut Jolokia hold it’s own hues of fragment and harshness .

HEALTH Benefits :

  • Improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  • Improve digestion
  • Held lose weight by speeding up metabolism .

Bhut Jolokia Pickle is prepared in a hygiene environment with traditional setting with empowered hands of women . After cleaning the Bhut Jolokia collected from the farmers are dried in warm condition. Another process of drying up happens to suit the hygiene prospectly . Good oil and spices are used in the process . A considerable examination has been taken place in the journey from preservation to packing .

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian
Ingredients : Bhut Jolokia , Mustard Oil , Various Spices , Jeera Powder , Vinegar, Salt , CLASS II preservatives

Certification : ISO , FSSAI

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