Wrap Yourself in Style with Eri Silk

Wrap Yourself in Style with Eri Silk

Eri silk has got the spotlight in the world of fashion in recent years. It is indeed called the most sustainable fabric globally and has attained such recognition due to its innumerable features. Its most charismatic feature of cooling in the summer and warming in the winter has made this typical Handloom Eri silk for winter with the traditional look a must-have fabric for the connoisseurs. Fashion lovers have been excited to know whether it is a sort of natural Gar-tex and Patagonia? It unquestionably makes an heirloom fabric that gets better with time. In addition to it, it is tender on the skin and hypoallergenic as well.

Its wide-ranging fabric applicability leaves no room for you not to get attracted to this fabric. We at Primsstore make this traditional fabric available to you anywhere in India. If you are interested in it delivered outside India, we will provide it with our shipment and plan such arrangements as well to ensure you get the stuff of your choice.

The Importance of Eri Silk Yarn

Eri fibre creates a beautiful and eye-catching natural off-white colour. Indeed, Eri is the most valuable fabric of the local tribal people of Meghalaya, a state located in the Northeast India. It finds the most prideful place among the tribal people of Meghalaya and is worn by the queens and kings to the ordinary people. It seems to be the driving force behind raising these silkworms and establishing the Eri silk supply chain and eco-system at the core among the hundreds of villagers there. These qualities notwithstanding, these villagers find it an uphill task to market their products. It made us realize the regenerative potential of the actual Eri silk eco-system.

That made us determined to jump at this God-sent opportunity and market this product, which will not remain only limited to being the core of the Meghalaya traditions, but scale greater heights and get introduced to the world. We foresee what others could not. It made us sit up and realize that the people of Northeast India have potential beyond measure. We have charted out strategies and plan to use them to the best of our abilities and reap rich dividends.

Aiming for Reaching the Skies

We firmly believe in the philosophy that diligence, commitment and innovativeness are the ingredients that enable a company to make a difference. Our staff are brimming with confidence after working with global customers. Our vision, insight, and values have helped us build a company with a difference that will pitchfork us to even more a high pedestal.

The Potential of Setting a Trend 

Its natural production process is one of a kind that stands it apart. With its dense and robust fibres, Eri silk is washable and wrinkle-free as well. Its pride in place among the cultural tradition can be gauged from the fact that a shawl or baby sling made with Eri silk passes down from generation to generations as an heirloom. Such properties alone make it to be acknowledged as the all-weather everyday queen of textiles. That feature makes it an all-time favourite.

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