Unique Features of Pink City Inspired Table Linen Set

Unique Features of Pink City Inspired Table Linen Set

The right tableware is essential for your home. It will raise the aesthetics of your dining room while you host lavish dinner parties. It is also great for your everyday dining purposes. We all want beautiful things in our life, and an amazing Jaipuri Table Linen Set is sure to set the mood by complementing both the food as well as your home décor. 

We all are aware that Rajasthani handicrafts and handloom are world-famous. The distinctive art, embossed and printed with iconic art forms, has earned its global fame. The beautiful Jaipuri Table Linen Set is a reflection of that stylish and enchanting handicrafts. 

India is rich in different art styles. The Jaipuri art style remained borne of the love for art and the desire to create splendid masterpieces. Our gorgeous Jaipuri Table Linen Set rather symbolises India’s beauty and wishes to share cultural and traditional glory. Artisans have designed this vibrant linen set from the Pink City itself to appeal to all.  

Vibrant Jaipuri Table Linen Set

The rural artisans live in the furthermost villages in Rajasthan, yet their artwork is well known in the country and worldwide. It can be owed to their authentic, handmade products. Their talent is appreciated globally. However, very few have direct contact with the artists. Primsstore aims at bridging that gap. We attempt to open doors to the lives and art of these god-gifted rural artisans.

The artwork displayed on our vibrant linen set demonstrates how the people of this city have kept the truth of creation alive in their hearts. This handcrafted linen set reflects their hard work and passion for art from design to production. 

Artisans bear the desire to share their talent with the world. And so, we have partnered with local artisans in Jaipur to bring you the best artwork and handicrafts. Generations of artists come and go, but they do not hesitate in dedicating their life to their art. It is their beautiful art that breathes life into ordinary objects while endorsing the culture of Jaipur. There is no doubt that you will love this custom Jaipuri Table Linen Set as an exceptional piece.  

Exquisite Designs Brought to Life

We offer three distinct and vibrant designs. You can opt for a beautiful blue and white set with a floral motif. Else, you can choose a gorgeous red and white set with a plant motif. We also offer an exquisite red and white set with an animal motif. Our Jaipuri Table Linen Set is made of pure cotton. Do not expose the set to sunlight for prolonged periods. Do a gentle machine wash with low heat while ironing. Do not bleach or soak. As these products are handcrafted, you will notice slight variations that help to make the piece unique.  


Mats: 13 x 19 in (6pcs)

Napkins:16 x 16 in (6pcs)

Runner: 14 x 72 (1pcs)

You can elevate the aesthetics of your dining room with these beautiful table mats, table runners, and a napkin set that bears exquisite motifs and prints.

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