Unique Attributes of Eri Silk Shawl for Winter

Unique Attributes of Eri Silk Shawl for Winter

Eri silk is one of the rarest silks which distinguishes itself as it is produced without killing the moth or silkworm. It is also denoted with Peace Silk—and is mainly found and manufactured in the North-Eastern state of Assam in India. The uniqueness of Eri silk is that it remains very much different from the other silks. If compared with quality, Eri shawls have premium excellence. It has a dry texture, yet the texture usually becomes softer and softer over the period.

If proper care is taken, Eri silk shawls last longer. Eri Silk shawls were always used during winter, particularly in localities' cooler regions. These shawls are, though not ideal for heavy winters. Specially manufactured Eri silk shawl for winter remains a great option, particularly for those who prefer staying indoors.

Manufacturing of Eri silk traditional shawls

Usually, the Eri silk traditional shawl varieties manufacturing was made with handspun yarn on the traditional looms. The whole manufacturing process remains manual as it is a typical village activity. But nowadays, due to technological advancements and up-gradation in yarn processing. And, also yarns can make even softer and smother Eri silk shawls for winters.

Eri silk looks the same as wool and cotton. It is a must to take proper care of Eri silk shawls to maintain the fabric for the long run without causing any damage. It is mandatory to keep into consideration the following points; 

  • One must store it in a cool and dry place; 
  • Proper care like washing the shawls with hands in mild detergent is mandatory; 
  • Dry them in the shade areas only; 
  • Dry Cleaning is recommended for these shawls.

Another critical factor is that Eri silk shawls are best known for their thermal qualities. They usually keep warm during winter seasons besides the summertime to keep us cool. Also, Eri silk shawls are renowned for their durability and softness of the fabric. The fabric or raw material used in these shawls are the eco-friendly fibre that is best sustainable. Even dying of the shawls is done by using natural colours, and colourants are extracted from plants & organic sources, which are found naturally.

Premium quality keeps it apart!

The use of Eri silk shawls for winter is not only for this particular useful purpose. The premium quality Eri shawls are trendier, and they can be best used for everyday use. They are the beautiful add-ons on traditional attire for party use, and proper use is considered best for office wear option as contemporary attire. A broad range of designs and styles in Eri silk shawls are available in Prismstore that a buyer can explore and buy.  

Eri Silk remains the best choice as manufactured to give the feeling of softness as cotton. The unique isothermal quality of the Eri silk shawl will make you keep warm during the wintertime, and so they remain the coolest option in the summer season. Hence, the Eri silk shawl is undoubtedly a perfect option and choice as an ideal accessory for the whole year irrespective of any season.

Another notable advantage apart from Eri silk shawls for winters is that these shawls are perfect for sensitive skin because they have anti-allergen and anti-fungal properties. By buying the Eri silk shawls, you will undoubtedly be helping and supporting the livelihood of artisans and promoting traditional weaving techniques.

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