Redefining Authentic Handloom Art through Bodo Handloom Napkin Set

Redefining Authentic Handloom Art through Bodo Handloom Napkin Set

Are you aware of the interesting history of the Bodo handloom? We can trace this art to centuries back where Bodo women have weaved their traditional wear right at home. The Bodo women become expert weavers throughout their life as they develop an artistic sensibility and deft hand movements. That tradition continues to portray the region's cultural richness as a heritage preserved—in the form of Bodo Handloom Art, especially Bodo Napkin Set appealing to all and sundry.

How Does the Bodo Handloom Work?

To understand how this beautiful Bodo Handloom Napkin Set came to be, we must know and investigate how the handloom works. The Bodo handloom utilizes different warp techniques. It includes a variety of cotton textiles in different colours or silk fabrics of the best quality. Naturally, most households in the Northeast have their handloom.

You will discover several traditional garments woven by them, such as Dokhona, Fali, India, Aronia, Rege-regang, Janji Khanai Fali, Gamsa, etc. These floral designs have inspired the creation of this beautiful Bodo Handloom Napkin Set.

Modern Bodo Handloom Designs

Bodo's are well known as the best weavers in the entire Northeast. This beautiful traditional art of weaving has developed over many centuries and is practised exclusively by Bodo women. Today, we see the conventional Bodo motifs developing into more modern reiterations. We know how these colours and designs have more significant potential for them.

The primary raw material used in Bodo weaving is acrylic and cotton. Sometimes silk is used in their manufacturing. Our vibrant Bodo handloom napkin set is made of cotton. The tribals in this are traditionally practised cotton cultivation, yarn spinning, and dyeing. You can notice that this heavily inspires our napkin set.

The Flair of Vibrancy

Whether this is a gift to yourself, or someone else, you will not regret it. Add a soothing yet vibrant element to your dining room with these gorgeous minimalist Bodo handloom napkins. They have a bold colour, yet they are exquisite. It will look great on your dining table next to your beautiful dishes and cutlery.

This custom and tailor-made soulful Bodo Handloom Napkin Set is the best lifestyle accessory to add to your home. It has been made by the finest weavers in Northeast India and has rich colour and texture. Who wouldn't love a gift of the best handmade textiles of India?

What's in This Bodo Handloom Napkin Set?

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Enhance the aesthetic of your dining table with this perfect Bodo Handloom Napkin Set. These napkins are fair-trade and handwoven by artisans in Northeast India. They are wholly organic cotton napkins that will add a rustic charm to your table.

Details about this set:

  • Set of 6
  • 100% organic cotton 
  • Colours – Yellow, Green
  • Measures – Green 16 x 16in, Yellow 15 x 16in

What are you waiting for? This vibrant napkin set is the perfect addition to any home.

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