Assamese Traditional Dhansira Jewellery Offering Mesmerising Look

Assamese Traditional Dhansira Jewellery Offering Mesmerising Look

Assam is famous for its unique and rich collection of several traditional pieces of jewellery, which are exclusively found in that state only. Assamese traditional Dhansira jewellery is very much popular and famous in the region. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals purchase such jewellery frequently in the different outlets in Assam. 

In Assam’s several districts, you can witness many Small Cottage Industries where all such Assamese traditional Dhansira jewellery sets are made. The highly skilled jewellery makers make them and ascertain the distinct features of the region’s tradition remain intact. For several decades now, these Assamese ornaments have been in use by many locals and tourists visiting the state. The best possible efforts are made to make these Assamese traditional Dhansira jewellery look traditional. The makers don’t compromise in the quality and design up-gradation as they focus on keeping the integrity and uniqueness of such items that are already gaining popularity worldwide. Hence, Assamese Dhansira jewellery hardly loses its traditional look, and most interestingly, they never get out of style. 

Unique Features of Assamese Dhansira Jewellery

All jewellery pieces maintain their uniqueness and features in terms of patterns. The wide range collection of bracelets, earrings embellished with twin birds, and chains with central pendants are all outstanding collections that showcase local tradition. Such jewellery pieces can be used for longer as they won’t get worn out easily. Their durability features make them the first choice of both locals and travellers. 

One wearing these jewellery sets look stunning as these exclusively designed exotic Assamese traditional Dhansira jewellery are the outcomes of unique and elegant art on the jewellery and jewellery making. This Assamese jewellery was embedded with special stones. Such jewellery sets are interestingly very much affordable and require less maintenance for every attire, like sarees and dresses. Assamese Traditional Dhansira jewellery to look traditional offer a good look of the wearer. 

Assam’s traditional jewellery gives a style statement to your look. These are specially made by the highly skilful artisan jewellery makers who represent different parts of Assam state. All designs carry a statement of culture, tradition and unique glamour of the region. These are 100% genuine products made of pure silver with gold quoted on them. Here is enlisted some of the unique features:  

  • Assamese traditional Dhansira jewelleryare eco-friendly;
  • The jewellery is crafted with hands to get perfect finishing; 
  • They don’t cause any skin allergy as they are all free of toxins and metals. Usually, because of toxins and metals skin allergies may cause;
  • Even though these jewellery sets are simple, once you wear them, they appeal as trendy and elegant items; 
  • Such jewellery sets are a perfect option for gifting purposes as well.

Don’t forget that some care should be taken while using these Assamese traditional Dhansira Jewellery to look traditional without losing the jewellery shine. 

  • Avoid harmful sprays like perfume, deodorants or other harsh chemicals on them as the shinning of the jewellery might decrease and it may change the colour of the jewellery;  
  • After using the jewellery, you need to wrap it up with clean cotton or tissue to store that in a dry place;  
  • After using the jewellery, wipe it with a tissue and store it in a jewellery box only.  Remember that sweat and other moistures should get rid of the jewellery sets;  
  • Suppose you are keen to maintain the jewellery for a long time with its durability to remain well preserved. Polishing is required at least once every 4 to 5 years, as per instructions given on the jewellery box. 

Assam has a unique and rich collection of traditional jewellery sets, but Dhansira jewellery maintains its uniqueness out of the vast array of jewellery collection. Such jewellery comes with exquisite designs, and they genuinely grab the attention of the onlookers.

Hence don’t forget to try and check the jewellery products while you are on the Assam trip. You can buy them online from reputed online stores like ours to ascertain you receive only the genuine ones. 

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